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António Almeida Cortiças, S.A., has always implemented a policy of continuous improvement, ensuring high quality standards for its products. We understand that quality control begins in the forests, permanent monitoring of the evolution of cork oak forests is vital.

Cork Testing Sample
Cork Oak Forest

António Almeida Cortiças, S.A. has a team specialized in ensuring high quality raw material for the manufacture and supply of high performance stoppers.

Anabela Silva

Raw Cork Quality Control

Our quality system was implemented to carry out strict daily control to ensure that our customers receive an excellent product. All corks in an order that go through our ISA selection process are 100% inspected through non-invasive and non-destructive sensory analysis."

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Highly demanding sampling methodologies and testing protocols are continually put into practice, in line with the procedures applied by the main laboratories in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and the United States.

In recognition, António Almeida, Cortiças, S.A. holds the following certifications:

Teste ao TCA das Rolhas
Certificado APCOR
Certificado IQNET
Certificado SYSTECODE
Certificado CORK
Certificado FSC
Certificado Ecocert

Cristiana Teixeira

Quality Department and Food Safety Management Systems

AAC has implemented a Quality Management System that is based on the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2018 references. These are complemented by FSC-STD-40-004 Chain of Custody Certification and ECOCERT Certification (cork stoppers from organic production). AAC is committed to contributing to the management of forests responsibly through the choice and use of FSC® certified products in the production of some of the products it sells."

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